Back To You…

This is a song by John Mayer.
It’s a love song.

Read the lyrics of the song (till you can stand it), and then scroll to the bottom. 🙂

Back to you. It always comes around. Back to you. I tried to forget you. I tried to stay away. But its too late.

Over you. I’m never over. Over you. Something about you. Its just the way you move. The way you move me.

I’m so good at forgetting. And I quit ever game I play. But forgive me, love. I cant turn and walk away. Back to you. It always comes around.  Back to you.  I walk with your shadow. I’m sleeping in my bed. With your silhouette.

Should have smiled in that picture. If it’s the last that I’ll see of you. It’s the least that you. Could not do. Leave the light on. I’ll never give up on you. Leave the light on. For me too.

Back to me. I know that it comes. Back to me. Doesn’t it scare you? Your will is not as strong. As it used to be.

This is our love song of failure.
Every time we fail, a similar song plays in our brain.
And we go back to the behaviour that causes us to fail. It always comes around. Back to you.

But it could also be a song of success.
The same lyrics that bring you down, take you to overcoming the silly hurdles.

It depends what you’re in love with.
Failure or success.
Making excuses or making things happen!

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Steve Jackson

This made me remember a situation.

I was working for a large client, embedded into their workplace living and breathing their product range and doing my best to provide business insights that would help improve the sales.

We all failed to sell the product in any vast quantities for a number of reasons (but this isn’t the failure I am talking about). I heaped a lot of blame upon myself at the time for not finding enough insight to help them. I also felt my company had not given me enough support in helping them and that the client had not acted quickly enough to fix the problems I’d highlighted. I was so busy trying to analyze the reasons we’d failed that I never came up with a solution.

Looking for blame. Making excuses. That was my failure.

I learned since then that in order to succeed you have to try and learn from your mistakes but move on quickly to find a solution. As a consultant you’re in the solution business and I wasn’t solving.

There is nothing you can do about past mistakes. It’s like when your team loses a game of football. There is nothing they can do about the loss. The only thing you can do is learn why you lost so you can win the next game.

Sean D'Souza

That’s exactly right. 🙂
Otherwise the song keeps playing in your head.

Not that it’s a bad song. But your song may not be quite as melodious.

Sharon Shanley

There are no mistakes only opportunitys and this love song can only remind us how many differant ways a song can be sung!! Indeed !! 😉

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