Can ‘Anyone’ Draw Cartoons?: Some proof

If you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer.

Or if you ask a question that’s engineered to get the answer ‘NO’, then you get the answer ‘NO.’
And most of your education, my education, and everything we’ve learned is engineered around getting a negative answer.

But what if we changed the question?
What if your answer could simply not be negative?
What then?

So what if I changed the question to: Can you write the letters of the alphabet?
Your answer is: Sure, I can.

Well, then you can draw cartoons.
Your kids can draw cartoons.
Your grandma who’s ninety-seven years old can draw cartoons.

But where’s the proof?
Here’s the proof. And it’s affordable proof at just $11.99.

And here’s a link:
Send me your cartoons when you’re done!

Yup, anyone can draw cartoons. 🙂
If you stop asking yourself stupid questions, you too can become ‘creative’ 🙂

Note: This book was created by my friend, Wayne Logue. Wayne was the first person I knew in New Zealand. He too was a cartoonist. And like all good internet stories, we ‘met’ on the internet, in a cartoon chat room. I didn’t know anyone in New Zealand, and Wayne picked me up from the airport, and made me very comfortable in an unknown land. I don’t know if Wayne gets a commission if you buy his book, but I sure hope he does. 

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Hi Sean
Hey I just came across this posting of yours via some research I am doing..THANKS forthe mention!

I am selling the ebook version directly though the site now. Plus there is a sample download via the site as well.

You totally ahve the idea….my goal was that ANYONE can draw acol cartoon with these.


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