We all believe that most of us have in-born talents, right? So imagine you’re a dolphin and you learn to do what no dolphin has ever been seen doing before. No, not learn Photoshop—but do something just as cool: blow perfect circles of bubbles underwater.

So what makes this cool?
This blowing of bubbles isn’t some inherent skill that dolphins were born with. They learned this skill and mostly it’s just the dolphins at Sea World that seem to have acquired this ability. Acquired is an important word to note in the previous sentence. It’s mostly the females that seem to pick up the skill. And it’s not known to occur anywhere else. The dolphins merely learned from each other, and keep perfecting their skills. Just like any child would learn skills and then get better at it over the years.

Dolphins blowing perfect bubbles? Better keep Photoshop away from them, eh?

See the video below

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