The Brain Audit 3.2 Book Photo Competiton

More photos of The Brain Audit 3.2. The Brain Audit Book and Super Cuatro are spotted in action.

The adventures of Super Cuatro, The Brain Audit Super Hero. Click to view larger images and view the entire portfolio.

super quatro brain audit cape 001 supercuatro at the white house1 super quatro and The Brain Audit 003
On his way to the White House Flying to the White House At the White House with Mom
super cuatro monument super cuatro and the brain audit 2 the brain audit super quatro and family 4
Conquers Washington, DC Receiving the monumental Brain Audit And his family in Washington, DC
The BRAIN AUDIT and super quatro6 The Brain Audit Super quatro and mom 5 marina and super cuatro
At the airport with The Brain Audit Takes all the seven bag of the conveyor belt At the airport with mom Marina Brito

Marina Brito, Near Washington D.C., USA

Here’s my photo for the Brain Audit contest. As you’ll see, my wife lent me a hand (or two).

Jon Pietz, Needham Massachusetts, USA



Chris Garrett in Matakana, New Zealand


Chris Garrett at Kelly Tarlton’s, Auckland, New Zealand

Chris Garrett, UK


The Brain Audit 3.2 Book Photo Competiton Continues

The Brain Audit Book Photo Competition Continues…. Here are a few photos for USA and Canada.


I’ve attached a few photos. I’m not sure which best shows what I’m trying to illustrate. Can you see the writing on the envelop that was used to send the book to me?

I wanted to ask the “real” police to take a photo in front of the station house but I was concerned I’d get arrested for being a nut!

Jacqueline Davis,  Wilmington, MA, USA



My friend’s name is Charlemagne and he’s been part of the Psychotactics/5000BC ‘family’ (at least in this house) from the get go!!
Now 14, he is still interested in cartoons … ;-)))

Noel Rodrigue, Gatineau (Aylmer), QC, Canada




Randall Hardy,Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA



And one more…


There is a story to explain the signficance of these pictures.

Several weeks ago, when the contest was first announced, I shared the information with my husband and asked him to help me think of a good idea.  Meanwhile, my son (Mark) was in his second week of kindergarten and happened to come home from school with his first library book (that he chose on his own), “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess.

A day or two later, as Mark and I sat in his “reading corner” to read his book, my husband walked by and said, “There’s your photo!”

As my husband was pointing out,  there is a lot of signficance to Mark’s FIRST book selection.  Most people receive that book as a high school graduation gift, but here is Mark, just starting his journey of education.  And here I am, continuing my education well beyond high school and enjoying my  life-long path of learning!

Susan Kruger, Dearborn, MI, USA



Alan Aimer, Blakeslee, PA, USA



HMMM, Only six red bags, which one am I missing?


Found it at last! Now, where did I park my stalled marketing program?

Gerry Bock, Surrey, BC, Canada


The Brain Audit Contest: Part 10

Here are a few more entries for The Brain Audit Book from around the world

Much luck (to you and Sean… and me!)

Alex Kuzelicki, Australia


If you haven’t made the Butter Chicken the recipe is on Page 113. And Yes! Sean can cook too!! Yummy stuff.



This is the butter chicken on its way to TVNZ- New Zealand. A small thank you for asking Sean on The Breakfast Show. And yes, if you are wondering the rest of the butter chicken was eaten by Renuka 🙂
The page again 113.

Renuka Menon, Psychotactics Office, Auckland, New Zealand






Marsha colouring Cuatro


Marsha D’Souza, All of 5 years old, Auckland, New Zealand
(Marsha and Sean are best friends)


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The Brain Audit Photo Contest: Part 9

And the photos keep coming in for The Brain Audit competition. Today’s photos are from New Zealand  and all the way from the Arctic Circle.




It’s child’s play..

Martin Thompson, Auckland, New Zealand


I am sending the photo of The Brain Audit book, which travelled with me and a couple of friends 150 km north of the Arctic Circle. We had to carry all our food for 10 days on our backs, but I couldn’t resist packing the book as well. There is something very weird (in the nicest way) about reading about marketing when you don’t see a living soul for days.

All the best from Europe.

Ondrej Ilincev, Prague, Europe
PS: I am the one on the right.
PPS: I thought there would be more snow as well, but we were very lucky with the weather and it was 20-25 degrees Celsius.


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The Brain Audit Photo Contest: Part 8

Here are a few more photos


“Giants in their field”

Peggy Gower, Near Chicago, Il, USA


Here is Cuatro studying the Brain Audit at MIT…I actually took this picture at night.


And a few more from Milan




These photos of The Brain Audit were taken in Milan’s orthopedic joint replacement surgeon in the Seattle.

Milan Shannon Moore, Seattle, Washington, USA


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The Brain Audit Book Contest: Part 7

Here are a few photos from New Zealand


And another one from Cornelia


And the last one…


PS. I had a lot of fun cutting, gluing etc. 🙂

Cornelia Luethi,  Auckland, New Zealand


Thought I had better not disclose where you go for coffee or you will both be inundated with fans J

Steve Munford, Auckland, New Zealand

Next Step: Send in your entries with Cuatro. The deadline is approaching.



You can download the images of Cuatro here.

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