How To Bypass A Brain Virus: Part 2


My wife Renuka, sniffled.
She sniffled. She sneezed.

For thirteen years she sneezed.
Her eyes would get all red and puffy.
She tried all types of anti-allergy medication.
It would work for a while, then it was back to achoo!

Incredible as it seems, the problem was in her brain.
Your brain reacts to allergies with a code. And that code has a ‘virus.’ So when you run into dust or pollen the virus kicks in. It says: Execute command, and the virus starts rolling out.

How do we know it’s a virus? And not a program instead?
We know it because most of us don’t sneeze with pollen. Or dust. Or after drinking wine. But Renuka’s brain had accumulated a whole bunch of viruses. And to try and subdue these viruses, she’d take anti-allergy medication. But anti-allergy medication simply stops the virus from executing. It can’t erase the virus. And frankly, erasing the virus is a waste of time.

All we need is to re-wire the brain to stop running the program in the first instance. The brain needs to have a completely different code written to deal with dust. Then it stops sneezing.

Which is what Renuka did
She visited an anti-allergy clinic. Or should I say allergy-elimination. But were they able to prevent dust or pollen from entering her system? No they weren’t. But they were able to write a new program onto her brain. A program that ignored the dust, pollen, etc. A program that was fresh and didn’t have any viruses.

And so it is with talent and learning.
Trying to fix the problem with medication (more courses; more training) isn’t going to help at all. Instead all the brain does is replicate the anti-allergy syndrome and pretends to learn. But eventually the virus kicks in and you’re back to where you started. If you truly want to learn a new skill. If you truly want to develop a talent, you’re wasting time trying to eliminate the virus.

What you need to do is write fresh code.
Code with no viruses in the first place 🙂
And the achoo goes away forever!

Note: Renuka doesn’t sneeze. She can enjoy her wine, go out amongst the flowers in spring, and dust away to her heart’s content. And it was all done with no pills, no medication and simple re-writing of code. (It’s actually a simple system of re-wiring and no wires are involved–just in case you’re wondering). 

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Sean D'Souza

Some of you asked how to fix the allergies. Here’s a link:

You may find similar services where you live.

Sean D'Souza

The medical association forced them to change their name, take off all information off their page, and basically dragged them over coals. Why? Because the medical association feels threatened by the fact that this actually works. So they took them to court and did all sorts of things.

I have no grouse with the association. I see them defending their turf. All I know is that no doctor could help fix, or even alleviate Renuka’s allergies over a period of 13 years. She took medication all the time. And yet this clinic was able to do it in 24 hours, with no invasive techniques, no medication and no mumbo jumbo.

Which is why pharmaceuticals and doctors are scared. That’s a billion dollar business going down the tubes.

The link to their website is now:
(Yes, they were forced to change their name too).

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