How’s Article Writing Linked To Painting?: The Weird World of Creativity

Catherine’s painting: Click to see big picture

Here’s an interesting story about ‘creativity’.
It’s so interesting that I’ll reproduce it verbatim.

What’s even better is that it’s about a painting.
And how the painting linked to article-writing?

You’re dying to know, huh? Well read on.
This note is from Catherine Marechal, who lives in Italy and whose first language is French.

Happy Birthday Sean!
I want to thank you and let you know of an unusual result of the article writing course.  I have been painting a lot with my left hand. I always had difficulty just finding the time to paint. Now I just do it almost every morning and have no problem finding the time…. and my painting is very different from my right hand work!

What is the link with article writing?
As you know I had problems with keeping only one idea in my article outline. After a conversation with Leah, when I told her I thought my problem was because I was mostly right brain. She asked me if I was left handed. I said no,  and that as a small kid I was ambidextrous but the French school system decided that I would be right handed. and I became right handed.

After talking with Leah, I decided to do my article outline handwriting with my left hand. In fact it worked, you said that you could not see any change to do in my article.

My friend Celeste Varley (the painter and teacher) who I have been encouraging to take your article writing course, suggested that I try to paint with my left hand rather than doing with both hands (but mostly my right hand was predominant) after I told her the story.

So here is my birthday gift, one of my left hand painting

Incredible, huh?
That a mere shift of the hand not only made her article-writing a whole lot better, but that Catherine is now painting frequently, and with great confidence.  And that is indeed the power of the brain when it decides to achieve things, rather than just back away and pretend that about a lack of ‘talent’.


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