Serial Killers and Creativity


You don’t think of serial killers as creative, do you?

They go about killing people, while all the time following a very creative pattern.
And detectives are able to figure out the serial killer based on the killer’s creative pattern.
Once the detective works out the pattern, it’s not hard to track and throw the serial killer away forever.

Your brain has a serial killer too.
It’s called the ‘I can’t do that’ syndrome.
And like a serial killer, it sticks to the pattern, killing the chances of learning a new talent.
And there’s no detective to put that serial killer behind bars.

So your brain’s serial killer runs rampant.
And the older you get, the more you get set in your ways.
With every passing year, you decide that you’re beyond help.
You bolster yourself with silly lines like ‘You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks’.

And quite the opposite is true.
Your brain has a hundred billions neurons.
All waiting to be lit.
But instead they lie dead.
Killed by the serial killer.

The killer of talent.
It’s not some outsider.
It’s your own brain cells that are killing the other ones off.

If you want to stop the killer, you have to be more ‘creative.’
Take up activities like music, or dancing, or learning a new skill is crucial.
Even playing a game like Scrabble once a week will immediately boost your creative skills.

Turning on the lights in your brain.
And scaring the killer off for good!

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