Here are a few more Brain Audit Book photos from around the world…


My current job contains a lot of travel so I seem to spend 1/2 my life in airports… and every time I collect my bags I smile to myself. So, this seemed only appropriate for my entry 😉 I couldn’t actually find a non-moving conveyor at Heathrow so I had to settle for a moving one. I’ve attached the ‘making off’ to make you smile.

Needless to say, security gave me some very very funny looks 😉


Shane Heenan: London, UK


Bonnie Domeny: Sacramento CA, USA (This is Bonnie’s client Josh Walsh with The Brain Audit Book)




I had these photos taken on a bouncing ball, thinking “Brain Audit: Just Follow the Bouncing Ball.”

Mike Hayden: Mountain View, California, USA

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