The Brain Audit Book makes its way to the UK, India, USA and The Netherlands.


The Brain Audit Photo above is  called, “Can’t See The Forest For The Trees!”


And this one is called, “Air’s Thin Up Here.”

Dwight Schwersensky, California, USA


“If I had to keep just one book out of my entire library, I would keep Sean D’Souza’s Brain Audit.”

Ankesh Kothari, Mumbai, India


David Rothwell at hockey practice with Charlie and some light reading…We’re frowning because the sun’s in our eyes!

David Rothwell, UK


Brain Audit Book photo. Since New Zealand is the land of the kazillion sheep and we have two border collies…I thought why not put the two together? 😉

Erwin van den Boogaard, The Netherlands

P.S. Please tell Cuatro to relax, they don’t bite – at least not yet 😉

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