The Brain Audit Contest: Part 1

The entries for The Brain Audit Competition are pouring in. Over the next few days I will keep adding the photos.

The Brain Audit: Sydney Australia

Lance Scoular: The Savvy Navigator, Sydney, Australia



Bob Janes: Brittany, NW France
The Brain Audit at the end of the world (this area is Penn-ar-Bed in Breton, Finistere in French). Somewhere out there is Canada, taken about a mile from here in strong winds and cold rain 🙁

Bob Janes: Brittany, NW France



Mike Hayden: Mountain View, California, USA


Retro Photo

A picture of me and Laurens Janszoon Coster in our hometown Haarlem. Coster is considered to be the inventor of the printing press, but… mainly in the Netherlands. Worldwide some German guy gets the credits. The story is similar to that of Tesla and Marconi. Coster and Tesla might have been the first to invent, but the other guy’s marketing was better. If only they would have had a copy of The Brain Audit… 😉


Modern Photo

In case you said: “Lawrence Who?”
Coster on Wikipedia:
The Legend of Koster:

Erwin van den Boogaard, The Netherlands

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