The Brain Audit 3.2 Book Photo Competiton

More photos of The Brain Audit 3.2. The Brain Audit Book and Super Cuatro are spotted in action.

The adventures of Super Cuatro, The Brain Audit Super Hero. Click to view larger images and view the entire portfolio.

super quatro brain audit cape 001 supercuatro at the white house1 super quatro and The Brain Audit 003
On his way to the White House Flying to the White House At the White House with Mom
super cuatro monument super cuatro and the brain audit 2 the brain audit super quatro and family 4
Conquers Washington, DC Receiving the monumental Brain Audit And his family in Washington, DC
The BRAIN AUDIT and super quatro6 The Brain Audit Super quatro and mom 5 marina and super cuatro
At the airport with The Brain Audit Takes all the seven bag of the conveyor belt At the airport with mom Marina Brito

Marina Brito, Near Washington D.C., USA

Here’s my photo for the Brain Audit contest. As you’ll see, my wife lent me a hand (or two).

Jon Pietz, Needham Massachusetts, USA



Chris Garrett in Matakana, New Zealand


Chris Garrett at Kelly Tarlton’s, Auckland, New Zealand

Chris Garrett, UK


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