The Brain Audit

When I first gave the book a name, it just seemed like a nice name. A name that stood out. But over the years, that name has literally come to stand for everything we do at Psychotactics. That everything can be done in any ol’ fashion, but eventually must stand up to an audit.

What’s weird is that along the way, we found that the brain does think predictably.
And sequentially.
And that we could measure the response without any fancy electrodes 🙂

The Brain Audit started out as a bit of an interesting name. Now it’s a bit of a ‘Bible.’

Watch this space as the Brain Audit blog gets underway shortly.

From a rainy summer’s day,


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ivon t hughes

Keep me updated please.


Thanks Sean.

I use the brain audit as a bible, particularly the first 3 red bags.

In many ways I feel the next 4 red bags fit differently into the programme.

For me, the first 3 are about what to do & the next 4 are about how to do it.

I like your work!

Jennifer Hofmann

Hey, Sean – way to go on the new blog! I’m about to start up my own, too, so I wanted to send a little luv and let you know we’re reading over here in the Pacific Northwest!

🙂 Jen

Shane Heenan

Great work on the blog Sean! I re-read the brain audit again for about the 100th time last night and it seems every time I get something new from it – cant wait to see what comes from the blog.


Yes Updates will be appreciated


Thanks, Sean. You continue to over deliver and surprise us!

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