Where Are The Elves?

The poster for the the movie “Elf”

Now I don’t want to boast, but this is what I do.
I run blogs at:

Less frequently at:

Write articles, per year:

http://www.5000bc.com (about 100-300 a year)
http://www.psychotactics.com (about 50 a year)

And monitor no less than four to five forums:
On the Psychotactics Courses forum, just this year, the tally is 4000 posts (This includes reviews of articles/websites/and detailed answers to questions which may take as long as twenty minutes per post to answer). On 5000bc, you can find 7000+ posts (we lost about 5000 of my earlier posts when 5000bc crashed in 2007).

I write two courses a year at the very least
Each course has about 200+ pages of notes/graphics (these take a lot of time–the graphics)
There’s audio.
I also present these courses live (which means the Keynote/Powerpoint slides have to be created as well).

I will often do mini courses or mini products.
e.g. The re-write of the Brain Audit book.

On top of this there’s assorted stuff like:

Full colour cartoons for the blog.
Audio files for the blog.
And other assorted requests like Vanishing Reports in 5000bc. etc.
And in the past I’ve created the entire website design, HTML, graphics etc.
I still do the graphics and website design for any new website or revamp (e.g. new Psychotactics and now 5000bc revamp in Dec 2008).

And then I respond to every email for every subscriber (yes, every subscriber).

The question is when do I sleep, let alone go on vacation or anything.
Just reading this list should make you tired.

But here’s what’s happening.
In about 25 minutes I’m off to play badminton.
I’ll be back in 3 hours.
Then have lunch.
Probably go to the cafe.
And that’s the end of the day.

How is this possible?

It is. And there are ways to do all of the above, because though it seems like there’s an army of elves doing all of the above, there’s just Renuka and I. And she likes the trips to the cafe as much. Plus she takes her parents out twice a week, so those days are half-days for her.

How does this all happen?

Where are the elves?

Aha, you didn’t think I’d give the answer so easily, did you?

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Neil Smith

I reckon, other than starting while I am asleep, you take questions, analyse them, turn them into 3-4 words, built an image to associate with them, turn them into an article. Then its published, generates more questions (hopefully), you go live with it in a teleseminar, turn it into notes, and audio, sell it, repackage it, and start again and all the time it is brand spanking new, fresh, and rivieting.

Is that a good summary?

Sean D'Souza

Something like that.

But it’s also a factor of efficiency. In 2002, I could write one article in two days. If I was lucky.

Now I can write 25 articles a day. 🙂
It’s a matter of efficiency.

What’s important, is that I can write better than before, and actually get grammar right 😉

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