Why Our Brains Freeze

Writer’s Block?
Artist’s Block?
Dancer’s Block?

They all relate to one simple factor.
Your brain freezes.
It doesn’t have a memory of a fire-drill

So let’s start with the fire-drill, shall we?
The reason why you had a fire-drill in school or at an office, isn’t because the organisation likes making you run out of the building, and onto the street.

The biggest reason for fire-drills, is to know what to do in an emergency.

Because contrary to what you may believe, people don’t actually run helter-skelter in an emergency. They sit there, transfixed, as if in a bad dream.

And in your business, emergencies pop up like 800-pound gorillas
Suddenly you have to write a report. Or create a presentation. Or even worse, write an engaging article.

And your brain panics. It freezes. And it has no memory of any fire-drill.

The brain goes into panic mode. It scans memory bank after memory bank for a memory of success.

On the contrary, it finds failure after failur
Why does it run into failure? And how do we overcome this failure? Listen to this short 7 minute audio, and you’ll understand exactly what goes in the mind of a so-called ‘talented’ person. Why that person is able to walk right past that 800-pound assignment, while you can only watch in terror.

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