Why Talent Needs Conservative As Well As Radical Thought Patterns

Do we come into this world as conservative thinkers?
Or are we born with a radical bent?

Not surprisingly, we aren’t born with a blank slate.
We come into this world with Version 1.0 embedded in our brains.
So if you look at the most isolated to the most populated places on the planet, you’ll find we’re born with the same core Version 1.0 software.

And yet the software gets a sort of ‘virus’.
Some of us turn extremely conservative. We detest radical thoughts.
And some of us turn extremely radical. We in turn detest conservative thinking and actions.

But showing contempt for the other side is crazy.
Because everything on the planet, including talent, is a matter of structure. Structure is conservative.

Talent is also a matter of art. Art is radical free-thinking.

Creativity and Talent do not exist in thin air. They need structure.
Structure is boring without creativity. It would make our lives drab and doom us to boredom.
Creativity without structure would lead to complete chaos.

Both must exist side by side.

Our iPhones, our cars, our houses, our computers: everything is based on someone’s ability to transcend their radical or conservative virus, and use both sides to create something new.

We can live with a virus that forces us to be ultra-conservative or ultra-radical.
Or we can understand that they’re like yin and yang.
That one cannot actually exist without the other.

The day you learn how to use the conservative as well as the radical part of your brain, that’s the day you’ll learn faster than ever before.

But can you do it?
Can you actually step over to the other side?

Try it. You’ll be amazed at what you find there!
(Watch this video by Jonathan Haidt as well: You may need to be online to watch it)

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Julia Stewart

Brilliant. Thanks for this. Will post a link on Twitter.

Julia Stewart

Brilliant. Thanks for this. Will post it on Twitter.

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