Just 5 minutes drive from where we live. The splendour of Rangitoto – a now dormant volcano.

Most people don’t take breaks.

They see it as counter-productive.

They’re wrong.
Breaks, when planned, are what makes your work productive.
And we plan our breaks every year, so our brains can boot down, and come back refreshed and renewed.

As I wrote in 5000bc:
I learned this from a friend, Julia. She books all her vacations in advance. Long before she knows what’s going to turn up in the year. Then the vacation becomes non-negotiable. I thought that was a cool idea. We’ve been doing it almost every year since 2004.

I found that vacations are not a nice-to-have. They’re a crucial part of relaxing the brain. The years when I’ve not taken a break, I’ve achieved less. And earned less.

Have a good break.

We certainly will.  🙂